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Awesome Features

Some awesome features of our offered range comprising quality accredited Industrial Glass Lined Vertical Storage Tanks, CE Type Glass Lined Reactors, etc. are listed below:
Impressive corrosion resistance to both acids & bases
  • High resistant to almost all corrosive substances even under harsh thermal conditions
  • Impressive chemical, mechanical as well as thermal flexibility
  • Exceptional operational efficiency even under extreme temperature and work conditions

Our company with pride offers top class maintenance, troubleshooting, training and many other customer & after sales services to clients at all times. 

Our company is applauded in the following application areas:
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dye Industry
  • GMP/cGMP Industry

Our company is a proud provider of an innovative range of CE Type Glass Lined Reactors, Industrial Glass Lined Vertical Storage Tanks, etc. To assure the delivery of such innovation, we follow the lead of our mentors Mr. Sunil A. Patel (Managing Director) and Mr. Vivek Mishra (CEO). They guide and motivate our company to focus on researching the market before developing our range. Owing to this, we have set up an R&D department at our premise. This department conduct extensive research of the market and find way to improve the quality of our range. They also work hard to improve our testing and fabrication techniques. 

Infrastructure- Manufacturing Facility 
Our enterprise feels proud to have the support of a top-notch and spacious infrastructure base sprawling across an area of 32,000 square meters. Approximately 15,000 square meters of this are is dedicated to our different functional departments including:
  • Workshop: The work shop that we own holds a power capacity of 3,500 KVA and can produce 50 to 60 equipment/month.
  • Material Handling Facility: This facility is backed with the support of durable and reliable Over Head Cranes, JIB Cranes and other quality essential amenities. 
  • Cutting Facility: Our cutting facility is supported with PUG cutting machines and power hacksaw. 
  • Forming Facility: This facility owns a hydraulic press capacity of 500 MT owing to the high quality plate blending machines that are installed in this unit. 
  • Wielding Facility: The facility is installed with reliable submerged arc wielding machines, column & boom saw set, self-centering & wielding rotator and many other equipment. 
  • Surface Preparation Facility: This facility is backed with advanced grit blasting unit
  • Machining Facilities: The production of our premium range takes place in this facility, it is installed with a reliable set of heavy duty lathe machines that are available at the disposal of our team in varied technical & dimensional specifications. 
  • Heat Treatment Facility: This base of our company is backed with experts approved furnace and other equipment. 
  • Testing Facility: At this in-house facility, we quality test our range strictly using top class Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, Coating Thickness Gauges, Radiography Equipment, etc. 

Relying on our extensive research, knowledge and experience of the domain, we are constantly bringing forth a high quality collection of equipment for our huge clientele. From fabrication to the dispatch of our range, every activity is carried out in compliance to the standards of the domain. The raw materials that we use in the production process are confirmed to be in adherence to specifications mentioned in ASME BPVC Section II Part A. We rely on only NABL accredited labs.  We also allow third party inspections, over the years, we have received approval of many authorized inspectors co-relating heat marks with their relevant material tests certificates and lab report. Further, we assure that each of our equipment line is quality tested prior to their sale and showcase a perfect compliance to globally acclaimed standards. The quality tests are done in steps to assure that no defected piece leaves our business unit, the steps are listed below:
  • Process Controls: We form process to code rules and set process parameters that helps us in controlling WIP quality at each process. The process control team collects and stores necessary data records regarding each and every step of glass lining, assembly, production and dispatch stages. 
  • Welding Controls: The BPVC Section II-Materials Part C-Specifications valid for filler metals, wielding consumables, electrodes, etc. are adhered to while assuring wielding quality. 
  • In-Process (Glass Lining Controls): We make sure that high volt spark testing is done, glass lining thickness is measured and a thorough visual inspection is confirmed. This way, we assure the dispatch of best
  • Prior to Dispatch (FAT) Controls: We conduct stringent pressure testing at final stage along with hydrostatic test OR. The visual, thickness and spark test at 10000 v is also done. 
  • After Installation (SAT) Controls: We test the performance of our equipment at working pressure, assure that a running trial is shown to clients and an on-site visual, spart & thickness test at 5,000 V is done.  

CSR Activities

Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)
Our company is committed towards the development of not just our company bur also our society, employees, clients & economy. Our focus also remain on benefiting environment at all times. We understand that glass lining industry, in which we work, has a massively favorable impact on the environment. This is why, we are committed to find even better ways and techniques in the future to benefit the environment more. At our company, we have developed a stringent environment management system, which helps us to constantly remain on track and adhere to the standards. We work hard to train and educate our team, so as they can work responsibly in an eco-friendly manner.

Not just environment, we provide a healthy work environment to our clients. We care for their safety at the workplace and provide them impressive benefits. This keeps them happy and satisfied. We conduct safety inspections at our premise from time to time, in order to assure that our employees are offered the best work conditions. 

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